Spaghetti Machines are used in Urban areas to cull the growth of feral fluffies. In exchange for a foal, which is then violently killed, the donor will receive a small sample of spaghetti or in some cases, a spaghetti like substance which is just ground up fluffy foal entrails, tailored to look like spaghetti. Machines depleted of spaghetti with no conversion abilities will continue to accept foal for termination. There is no credit issued or return option for dispensing a fowl in a empty machine.

Entrepreneuring fluffies will often steal young hatchlings for their use as currency in such machines. Desperate mothers will often turn in their runts or "poopie babbahs" for easy meals.

Each machine is equipped with anti vandalism measures that will injure or kill any fluffy attempting to break the machine for free food, or to rescue recently deposited foals.