An early Princess Snowball by Fwuffee

Princess Snowball is a recurring fluffy villain character created by badmunsta. She is a morbidly obese all-white earth pony mare. She has been surgically modified, now having 6 teats, and requires frequent organ and limb transplants to remain alive.


Princess Snowball was born from an unwanted pregnancy of a domestic mare named Cupcake. When Snowball was weaned, Cupcake and Snowball's litter-mates were disposed off, as Snowball was the most valuable foal. Snowball herself then got pregnant, and had a litter containing an alicorn. In order to protect the alicorn, Snowball was tricked into eating the rest of her litter, believing them to have gone back into her "babbeh pwace." During this time, she became morbidly obese, to the point that she could not even walk.

Snowball herself, was then abandoned, but rescued. She switched owners a couple times before she wound up with her current owner, Darren, who declared Snowball to be a fluffy princess. Darren both pampered Snowball, feeding her a diet of "bad babbeh sketties" and encouraged Princess Snowball in her delusions.


Although Princess Snowball is accustomed to luxury, she does has a sense of noble obligation, believing that it is her duty to help those "gud fwuffies" who are less fortunate than herself. However, due to the encouragement of her delusional behavior, such noblesse oblige often takes the form of eating bad babbehs. She believes herself to have magical princess powers, which she used to fight "meanie awicohn witchies."