SmawtyMustDie Pegasus

A pegasus, as depicted by SmawtyMustDie

Pegasi fluffies (also known as "wingie friends") are fluffies with tiny wings. One of the three common types of Fluffy Pony, pegasi fluffies possess various physical and mental traits that set them apart from other fluffy types.

Physical TraitsEdit

Like all fluffies, Pegasi are small, roughly cat-sized critters capable of speech and of dubious intelligence. Their wings are usually far too small to allow the pegasus fluffies to fly. Some authors and artists do attest that pegasi can glide, though the majority hold that they are entirely flightless.

Mental TraitsEdit

Though similar to other Fluffy types in most respects, most authors and artists tend to depict Pegasi as being far more adventurous than other fluffies. Pegasi gravitate towards higher places than other fluffies, and are much more likely to want "upsies". Perhaps unique among the Pegasi is the obsession with flight: though most Pegasus Fluffies are unable to fly, it is a common tendency for them to express a desire to fly, usually through cries of "Wan fwy!". Many younger or less intelligent fluffies tend to believe that they can fly and will attempt to jump off high surfaces leading to their deaths.

Treatment by HumansEdit

In most works, Pegasi are not treated exceptionally differently from most other fluffies. However, their physical and mental differences are utilized by some artists and authors.

Abusers will often torture a pegasus by removing its wings, or harm them with "ironic" flight-related punishments, such as hanging them from a string, flying them on a kite, or throwing them. This is usually fatal to the pegasus.

Hugboxers may indulge their pegasus fluffies by either simulating flight or allowing them to experience flight of some sort, via hang-gliders, skydiving, or simply being held in the air while the human runs around with them.


Feral pegasi are generally even more unfortunate than other fluffies, as they are usually neither particularly strong nor smart. Lone pegasi tend to rely on their speed to survive, though as fluffies are not very fast, this trait is only marginally helpful. Though they do not often provide any specific intentional boon to their herd, the adventurous nature of pegasi can often alert a herd to an imminent danger (usually by the unfortunate death of the pegasus). This adventurous nature can, however, also lead danger back to the herd. Herds with a focus on strength may deem pegasi as weak, and may either banish or kill pegasi foals.