3211 - KMEB metroid safe

A Metroid demonstrating his built-in skills

These fluffies were created to commemorate the release of a new Metroid game. Like the enemies they are based on, they are round and green, and usually have three red eyes, though some have blue or gold eyes. They also have three spindly legs made of keratin. They can walk on these, though only with great effort. They prefer to roll. Intelligence wise, they are no smarter than any other fluffies. However, they come built-in with information on the original Metroid game, as well as its remake, Metroid: Zero Mission. They will sometimes coo cheat codes from the game when content, such as, "Nawpas Sowd!" They also have completely memorized the in-game maps, including secrets. Any mention of Samus, the protagonist of Metroid, will cause them to react with hostility, They also cannot be within close proximity to ice, or indeed anything cold. Like all fluffies, they enjoy spaghetti, which they refer to as "bwains."