Two MLPFluffs

A MLP Fluffy, My Little Pony Fluffy, or MLPFluff is a fluffy based on a My Little Pony character. Often, a MLP fluffy will have the attributes of its show counterpart. For example, a Twiwight Fluff will typically look at books (although she normally isn't able to read, like most fluffies). A Dashie Fluff will typically be adventurous to the point of being foolhardy, often attempting to fly (falling to her doom). An Applefluff with attempt to buck apple trees (breaking her legs). A scootifluff will be a runt, and so on.

Typically, fluffies that look like My Little Pony characters will sell for significant amounts of money. In part, this is due to most MLP characters having traits that are rare in fluffies. For example, the princesses are alicorns, Rainbow Dash, Celestia, and Twilight have multi-colored manes, and Celestia and Rarity have white body fur.

List of MLP Ponies by RarityEdit

Reject Grade (fluffies that would be in the snakefood bin)

  • Derpy
  • Dr Hooves


  • Apple Bloom
  • Apple Jack
  • Big Macintosh
  • Fluttershy
  • Pinky Pie
  • Scootaloo

Uncommon (white fur and/or two color mane)

  • Granny Smith
  • Rarity
  • Sweetiebell
  • Shining Armor
  • Twilight (unicorn variant)

Rare (three or more mane colors or alicorn)

  • Luna
  • Rainbow Dash

Very Rare (alicorn and multi color mane)

  • Cadance
  • Celestia
  • Twilight (alicorn variant)

Common used MLPfluffsEdit


A Fluffyshy "breed" fluffy vs a fluffy with Fluttershy's coloration

Although most MLPfluffs are used at least occassionally, the most commonly used are Derpyfluffs and Fluffyshys. Derpyfluff is almost shown as having "Derp Syndrome," aka severe mental impairments, not unlike the fanbase character. Fluffyshy, on the other hand, is often used an a generic "punching bag" character in abuse comics. On occassion, Fluffyshys are shown be their own separate breed or subspecies, with over-sized heads, undersized limbs, and an overall somewhat grotesque appearance.


Some people regard MLPfluffs as being lazy, as they are often fluffified versions of their canon counterparts in both appearance and personality. Addition, some people try to distance the Fluffy fandom my the MLP fandom, asserting that fluffies have very little to do with the actual MLP canon or fandom anymore.