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Jellenheimer as drawn by Wolfram Sparks

Jellenheimers are a small and strange breed of fluffies of unknown origin. They could be fluffy ponies having extreme birth defects, or perhaps they are a unique species. Their physical shape consists of four stubby legs, a pair of beady eyes, a torso and a face on the front. Unlike their cousins, they have no tail, neck, ears or mane. The color of their fluff is almost always red. No one is quite sure how they process nutrients, or even if they have a digestion system because they are never seen eating anything. They rarely ever speak but when they do they appear to be able to communicate with out moving their mouth and speak politely. How they survive is anyone's guess. For the most part, they just smile and stand around doing nothing particularly interesting.

Despite their odd appearance, which naive fluffy ponies would easily describe as monstrous, fluffies usually don't even seem to notice the presence of Jellenheimers. Abusers are not interested in abusing Jellenheimers, probably because the strange fluffies never say or do anything, even when being the victim of abuse. Instead, the abusers prefer to collect Jellenheimers as odd pets or souvenirs.

True origin[]

The first and original appearance of "Jellenheimers" b y Xeno

The true origin of Jellenheimer comes from an image drawn by the artist Xeno depicting several crudely drawn fluffy pony foals. The user named BigBowlOfSketties commented the image at Fluffybooru and said "lol those are definitely not foals. Those are like a whole new species. I'll call 'em... Jellenheimers." Thus, a whole 'new' fluffy species was born. Since then, Others artists have drawn several more images of Jellenheimers. In most of said images, the Jellenheimers stand in the background, sometimes partially hidden, serving more as cameo appearances rather than being the main focus. They never say or do anything, or interact with other characters. Like mentioned earlier, they just stand still and smile.

Jellenheimers are typically used as an in-joke in artworks. In some wierdbox settings, Jellenheimers are shown abusing fluffies. Jellenheimers rarely appear in more serious settings.